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November 16, 2021



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The Loc Manager's Guide To… Everything 2022

Steve Maule (Moderator)
Director of Client Success, Welocalize

Hartmut von Berg Senior Director of Global Localization, LogMeIn
Alessia Felici & Anna Golubeva Global Localization + Translation Program Leads, IKEA
Margarida Soares Localization Manager, MindGym
Alexandra Maria Pop Senior Manager, Product Localization, UiPath
Cristina Trivino Head of Localization, Sprinklr

Inspired by Welocalize’s Loc Manager’s Playbook, we’re running 2 peer-driven panel discussions featuring localization leaders from Sprinklr, LogMeIn, UiPath, MindGym, and IKEA. They discuss some of their key challenges and goals for 2022.
Entertain Us: Multimedia Localization in 2022

Mandy Morgan (Moderator)
Senior Director, Client Success, Welocalize

Chris Fetner Managing Director, EGA
Esther Bond Research Director, Slator
Michael Anderson Senior Multimedia Engineer, Welocalize

This expert panel will cover emerging topics for anyone working with global multimedia. What impact does generation Y have? What’s the impact of diversity and inclusion on content creation and voice talent? Does AI have a role in multimedia production?
What Will Your Loc Tech Stack Do for You in 2022?

Darin Goble
VP Solutions, Welocalize

Loy Searle
Senior Director of Localization and Global Content, Workday

Industry favorites Darin Goble, Welocalize VP of Solutions and Loy Searle, Senior Director of Localization and Content at Workday, join forces for a lively discussion on the impact future business goals will have on tech stacks. What business drivers are influencing technology in loc?
AI + Training Data
Why You Should Include Multilingual AI in Your Global Strategy

Olga Beregovaya
VP, AI Innovation, Welocalize

AI is often EN-centric. We live in a multilingual world. How can you use AI to reach international audiences? How do customers feel about AI? Welocalize VP of AI Innovation Olga Beregovaya shares her vision for AI in 2022.
Global CX and Support Through Two Lenses: Localization and Conversational AI

Aaron Schliem
Director of AI Enablement, Welocalize

This fascinating session will take you on a journey into 2022 and beyond, past standard customer support translation, toward a future filled with conversational AI and multilingual chatbots that deliver optimal CX.
Digital Marketing
Solving the Challenges of International Growth

Liam Higgins
International Growth Agency Program Lead, Google

Liam Higgins, Google's International Growth Agency Program Lead for the UK and Ireland, details what to expect for global growth in 2022, including the biggest obstacles of international expansion and how to overcome them.
The Future of Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

Jon Greenhalgh
Managing Director, Adapt

Donna Moore
Director of Global Marketing, Welocalize

Are you ready for 2022? Let’s examine the challenges: talent acquisition and retention and the end of third-party cookies, as well as the opportunities: more flexible work environments, advances in AI, increased visual search via images and video, and more efficient content creation.
How to Make Your Customers Say Yes

Joe Johnston
Lead Conversion Consultant, Adapt

Amy Budd
Client Strategy Lead, Adapt

In this session, we take a deep dive into persuasive design. Learn how understanding your user (and their journey) can help you determine when to actively use persuasive techniques and when to get out of the way and let them make a decision.
Legal + IP
Using AI to Overcome Language Barriers in Legal Operations

Andrew McClary
ESI and Discovery Manager, DLS Discovery

Alex Yanishevsky
Senior Manager, AI, MT, and NLP Deployments, Welocalize

In highly regulated industries, inferior translation can result in potential fines and investigations. Technical documents, like patent filings and e-discovery, demand greater attention to detail and accuracy. Learn how to use AI to overcome language barriers in legal content.
Legal Translation is Everywhere

Matthew Sekac
VP, Global Sales Strategy & Support, Welocalize

Jonathan Trotman
Director, Sales Strategy & Data Solutions, Park IP, a Welocalize Company

Few translations are as complex and challenging as patent applications. Let’s discuss the crucial role translation plays in portfolio management and how to develop a centralized plan of action to manage this key process.
Life Sciences
Global Healthcare Challenges in 2022

Alexander Mann
Translation Project Coordination, Bayer

Dr. Dave Yates RAC CBiol
Director Regulatory Affairs CMC & Operations, Abbott

Industry leaders from Abbott and Bayer discuss trends in global healthcare and life sciences, including remote operations and telehealth. Take a deep dive into the outlook for 2022 and the challenges that lie ahead.
Centralization of language needs for Adverse Events (AEs)

Sergey Chupetlovski
Case Management Liaison Manager, Bayer

Learn how Bayer streamlined its language services for adverse events with Welocalize. We'll examine the partnership between Bayer and Welocalize, as well as essential trends and potential challenges the pharmacovigilance (PV) industry will face in 2022.
Localization and Translation for Highly Regulated Industries

Salim Catrina
VP, Quality Systems and Operations, Welocalize

In highly regulated areas, including legal, life sciences and financial services, localizing your content requires compliance with internal policies and procedures and local, state and federal rules and regulations. Learn more about ISO certifications and how to ensure quality AND compliance.

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